Tudor Premium Ice is the only way to enjoy your drink exactly the way it was meant to be consumed. Soon to be available at the world’s top hotels, finest restaurants and most exclusive night clubs, Tudor is raising the bar for finely crafted cocktails.



Ice Cube.jpg

Our ice melts slower than any other ice on the planet. The shape, size and density of Tudor Ice allows it to dilute at significantly slower rates. With Tudor Ice, your last sip will taste just as good as your first. 


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Savor your drink exactly as the producer intended. Leveraging an extremely intensive water filtration process, Tudor Ice’s distilled water features less than 5 Parts per Million of dissolved solids.  



Tudor Ice’s unique single-serve containers allow us to guarantee the purity of our products from source to glass. Never worry again about dirty scoops or hands coming into contact with your ice prior to serving.