Why Should I Care About Ice?

Ice typically makes up 1/3 of a mixed drink and sometimes over half of a non-mixed drink….yet most people don’t give it the importance it deserves. As far as we are concerned, ice is the single most important ingredient after the spirit itself. If too much ice is added, it can water down the taste. If too little is added, it can cause the mixer or spirit to overpower the drink. With Tudor Ice featuring a slower melt and a zero taste profile, your guests will take notice.

I Already Have Large-Format Ice. What Makes Tudor Better?

PURE - Our distilled water features virtually no dissolved solids. No one makes purer ice.

TASTE - This means that our ice adds absolutely no taste or smells to beverages they are mixed with.

EFFICIENT - Our ice is also slower melting since the patent-pending filling process removes virtually all dissolved oxygen from the water which makes our ice significantly denser and thus slower melting.

CLEAN - Since our packages are delivered sealed, there is virtually no risk of contamination. Guaranteed pure from source to glass.

Most People don’t Care about Ice. Why Should I Pay for It?

People are increasingly looking for new ways to enhance the taste of their cocktails via garnishments, mixers and glassware. The one area that little attention has been made is ice. With Tudor featuring a slower melt and a zero taste profile, your guests and friends will take notice.

How Do I Store/Transport It?

Tudor Ice can be stored and transported at ambient room temperatures. The package requires about 5 to 6 hours to freeze prior to use.

Where is it Made?

Tudor Ice is proudly manufactured and bottled in Detroit, Michigan.

Is The Container Recyclable?

We understand the impact these products have on the environment and as such, we are working to make all components of the packaging fully recyclable.

Isn’t Distilled Water Bad for You?

There is no consensus regarding the benefits or repercussions regarding the consumption of distilled water. However, since Tudor Ice is intended to be mixed with a beverage and not drank by itself, this eliminates all concerns.

Can I Refill the Containers?

All Tudor Ice containers are disposable and are intended to be used just once. Tudor Ice cannot ensure the integrity of the ice if the containers are refilled. 

How Long Does it Take To Freeze?

When frozen in the box, it may take up to 12 hours to freeze in a traditional freezer.

Where Can I Buy the Product?

Tudor Ice will be initially available in select hotels, restaurants and liquor stores in Miami. 

What Allows Tudor to Ice Melt Slower?

Tudor Ice melts slower than traditional ice due to its size, shape and density. Large ice shapes have less surface area exposed to the elements, as such, it melts slower. Since all excess gasses and minerals are removed from the water prior to filling the container, the resulting ice is significantly denser than traditional ice.