Beginnings: Born in Boston on 1783, Frederic Tudor would eventually change the world by showing people how much they needed ice.

Inspiration: Frederic’s brother William suggested that the ice from their pond be harvested and sold at ports in the Caribbean. Tudor fell in love with the concept and began preparations for his first shipment.

Skepticism: Initially, people thought Tudor was crazy. The Boston Gazette famously wrote “No Joke, a vessel has cleared at the custom house for Martinique with a cargo of ice. We hope this will not prove a slippery speculation.”

Success: In 1806, a ship filled with 130 tons of ice cut from a Massachusetts pond arrived in Martinique. With this shipment, Tudor launched the commercial ice industry.

A King is Born: Thanks to Frederic Tudor, harvested ice from New England began shipping to all corners of the globe – from the Caribbean to as far away as India. Soon thereafter, Tudor earns the “The Ice King” moniker.

End of an Era:  When Tudor passed in 1864 he died as one of America’s first post-revolutionary millionaires. By 1900 more than 10 million tons of ice were consumed annually in the US and over 25 million tons were exported. The only other commodity with a larger export market was cotton.

Artificial Ice: The Tudor Ice Company flourished well after Frederic’s death up until the 1930s when electric refrigerators and freezers came of age. This eventually ended the reign of harvested ice.

A Dream Reborn: In 2014, the Tudor Ice Company is once again re-inventing the industry with its revolutionary new line of premium chillers. Helmed by Frederic’s direct descendants, the company provides expertly engineered ice that is able to maintain purity from source to glass.